Individual Counseling

Guiding you toward hope, wisdom, and joy.
No matter what the problem, we will work together towards a solution.

It Will Not Take Long to Make Things Right.
People receive counseling for any number of reasons. Normally they are unhappy with some part of their lives and want to be happy and feel worthwhile.

After some thoughtful discussion we find that feelings of unhappiness, or even depression, are a result of poor relationships, unresolved anger, codependency, problems at work, overwhelming stress, spiritual problems, grief, or other issues that can be addressed through counseling.

It does not take long to create achievable goals (a plan of action) and find a solution. Counseling does not have to take forever.

I even have a test (which only takes ten minutes to take) that will tell us exactly what you need, your strengths, weakness, and what you need to do to be happy and feel worthwhile.

If you are missing hope, wisdom or joy in your life, come and see me. It will not take long to get things right.

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