Infidelity Doesn’t Have to End a Marriage

Infidelity is a terrible experience. Often it is a death blow to even the best of marriages. At worst it ends in divorce and broken families, at best it limps along in a life of bitter memories that ruin the best of possibilities.

No matter how strong you think you are, or believe that it will never happen to you, when it comes the “death knell tolls.” Life will never be the same.

Infidelity comes in many packages. Sometimes it is wrapped in the package of the other woman, another man, or pornography.

And women are furious. They feel isolated. Dreams are lost. They question their own ability to judge, and worst they feel powerless to change either the present or direct the future.

That is the experience of every woman who has suffered from the infidelity of their husbands.

There is a way. It is not easy. The marriage can be saved. It can be transformed. Hard to believe, I know.

The journey begins with the little steps of healing through honest communication (finally) followed by an appreciation of each other’s pain, then something of a “team spirit” in recreating the marriage. Yup, recreating not fixing or patching up the marriage. Nope, that old marriage is dead. It died from the mutual selfishness that led to infidelity. The answer…

The couple, with the aid of a professional counselor, creates a new and better marriage that has a vision and action plan; a marriage that responds to the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each mate.

This marriage is a living organism that gives new life and genuine hope.

It is an exciting experience for a marriage counselor to lead the bloody wounded to such a place.