What is Online Counseling?

Online counseling would be better described as coaching/mentoring/instruction by your counselor. I have used the term online counseling because people might better understand that term. But for the sake of clarity let us think of it more as coaching/mentoring/instruction. Online counseling can be either phone counseling or live video counseling using your computer, mobile phone, or TV. I would much prefer live video counseling using Skype. That enables us to actually see each other and have much the same experience as though we were actually sitting in my office.

What are the advantages of online counseling?

Through online counseling you will save lots of time, money, and effort. For example there is no travel time to my office, no gas, no babysitter costs, and no parking fees. Online counseling eliminates a number of the burdensome tasks that clients have to encounter just to get to my office.

Online counseling is private.

No one will see you parking your car or sitting in a waiting room. No one from work will ask where you are going on your lunch break.

I use the ethical guidelines established by The National Christian Counselors Association. All conversations and e-mails are confidential (unless you are planning to hurt yourself or someone else) and I will not share any of your identifying information such as your e-mail address with anyone.

Online counseling is flexible.
  • You can talk to me from just about anywhere such as from your home, car, or even on vacation.
  • You do not have to commit to counseling sessions that last for months or years. You can get what you need right now and return when you need more.
What can we talk about using online counseling?

We can talk about pretty much anything. Most of my clients talk about such things as Internet sex addiction, online dating, depression, individual, marital, family problems, relationship issues, problems on the job, grief/loss, parenting, Success Coaching and so on.

What are the disadvantages of online counseling?

Online counseling is not appropriate if you need traditional in office counseling, medical treatment or are in the midst of an emergency like feeling suicidal, homicidal or you really need to be speaking with a medical doctor or psychiatrist. It would not work well if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or if you have a psychiatric illness. Some people have difficulties communicating with others and might find face to face counseling easier. You should be aware that strong accents, dialects, or speech impediments may make understanding difficult. There may be technical difficulties with the phone or the internet or you might not have sufficient computer experience to make online counseling successful.

Online counseling is not good for emergencies. In the case of extreme emergency please call 911 or seek medical attention.

What does online counseling cost?

Regarding costs and other questions please call 336 760 1780. We do not answer questions via e mail.

The first session online (phone or live video) is 60 minutes. During that session there will be an intake assessment (I get general information from you). We will discuss your counseling needs. Finally we will create an initial care plan that will help achieve your counseling goals.

Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes in length. During these visits you will give me a summary of your current situation and we then move forward toward reaching your counseling goals.

Check ins are 20 minute opportunities for you to discuss a brief specific question or situation.

The Arno Profile System (APS) is an easy to take and very accurate Temperament Test that is produced by the National Christian Counselors Association. We highly recommend its use to all of our clients.

How do I pay for online counseling?

Paying for online counseling is easy. The first session is paid for in advance through PayPal. You may use the link below. We will not refund if you miss your first session.

When you call to make your first appointment I will ask you for your credit or debit card, Master Card or Visa. Thereafter each visit will be charged to the card. Please have your card ready. Once we have established this information we will not have to repeat it for each session.

You may, of course, continue to prepay for your sessions using the PayPal link below.

We do require a 48 hour guarantee for each appointment or we will charge your card for the missed appointment.

Your card information is safe and secure.

We do not take insurance.

How do I make my first appointment?

First go to PayPal and prepay for your first appointment.

Second contact me to make your appointment, in order of preference:

Call 336-760-1780
Email DrRivest@bellsouth.net
Skype address and leave a typed message: Doctor. Rivest
If I do not respond within 48 hours please try again.

How do I get Skype?

Getting Skype is easy. It is free to get and free to use regardless of where you live.

  • On the computer or mobile phone that you will be using to call me go to www.Skype.com. Follow their simple directions.
  • Once you have your own Skype go to the section called “Contacts,” Then click on “Search for Skype Users,” then in that space type Doctor. Rivest, then follow the Skype directions.
  • Click Search Directory and my name will come up.
  • Click Add Contact, write on it who you are and that you would like live video counseling.
  • I will be notified and will get back to you when we have made an appointment.
  • Simple.
What else should I know?

Before you call for your first session be sure to:
1. Have your credit or debit card with you.
2. Check to make sure that all of your Skype settings are working correctly.

I am licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association and am operating under the authority of a National Licensing Board of Examiners, which is made up of ministers of several denominations. I am not affiliated with any state agency or state licensing board. See my biography for more information.

Either you or I may end the coaching/mentoring/instructor relationship at any time. I will not be calling, or e-mailing you to follow up or trying to get you to counsel longer than you would like. It is not that I don’t care it is a matter of wanting to give you the option and not having you feel “pressured” in any way.

Please understand that you are a free agent and are responsible for you own actions. You must be over 18 years of age to participate in online coaching/mentoring/instruction.

There are no guarantees as to the success of your online coaching/mentoring/instruction. Some times during the process of counseling, emotional pain and distress can arise as difficult issues are addressed and worked through.

Your participation in online coaching/mentoring/instruction indicates that you agree to forever release, discharge and indemnify me and Counseling Solutions at SMI from all actions, suits, or claims arising from receiving counseling.

Your participation in online coaching/mentoring/instruction with me will infer that you have read the information on this website and that you are in agreement with the information and give me consent to coach/mentor/educate you.