Marriage/Couple Counseling

Guiding you toward hope, wisdom, and joy.
No matter what the problem, we will work together towards a solution.

Make a New and Better Relationship, Not Just Patch Up the Old One.

Most couples that come into counseling are looking for hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Almost always they leave their first counseling visit more hopeful and with a plan to make things better.

When I, Dr. Rivest, counsel I am goal orientated. Together we will set goals to fit your specific needs. When goals are achieved then hope increases.

I do not let couples use their counseling time to fight or put the other one down. Remember we are after the goals not each other.

Marriage Counseling is a combination of couple counseling and individual counseling. Each member usually has topics to discuss privately.

We can discuss such issues as:

  • Healing infidelity
  • Pornography
  • Communication
  • Money
  • Sex, the lack of, for whatever reason, e.g. dysfunction, or lack of interest
  • The in-laws or other conflicting relationships
  • The individual’s needs (we give a test to help determine what the needs are)
  • Family of origin and how that affects the marriage
  • Conflict resolution (how to fight well)
  • What is marriage after all?
  • Children and the raising of children
  • How to create a successful Christian marriage
  • Role expectations
  • What is love, really?
  • Mixed marriages
  • Blended families
  • Creating a marital vision
  • How to have fun again