Sexuality and Sexual Counseling

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Change Stress Sex to Joy.

Human sexuality is not always developed naturally.

Rather, sexual attitudes and expressions are learned from parents, society, clergy, and others.

These sources can lead us away from sexual joy.

A Certified Christian Counselor and Sex Therapist, Dr. Rivest offers help for a wide range of sexuality issues, including:

Sexual Addictions

The biggest problem today is Internet pornography, adultery, sexual fantasy..
These are sexually compulsive activities designed to “relieve” emotional stresses.

They include excessive masturbation, pornography, and adultery even with “seeming happily married couples.”

Sexual abuse happens through voyeurism, exposure, molestation, and violence.
Dr. Rivest can help people overcome sexual addictions by dealing directly with the source of their emotional stress.

Marital Sexual Enhancement

The biggest problem today is sexless marriages. The romance is gone.

Many married couples find that maintaining mutual sexual satisfaction over the long term is difficult.

Often intercourse is infrequent or there is a lack of sexual interest. Intercourse one time per month is considered a sexless marriage.

Dr. Rivest can help. He has counseled many couples, and helped them discover a more fulfilling and intimate sex life.

Sexual Dysfunction

The biggest problem today is couples giving up because of sexual discouragement.

Couples struggle with sexual dysfunctions in even the best marriages.

Many men have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, while others ejaculate prematurely.

Women often experience physical or emotional pain during intercourse, and have difficulty achieving orgasm.

Dr. Rivest helps couples communicate in ways that reduce demand, enhance pleasure, and facilitate natural sexual responses.

Sexual Orientation Issues

The biggest problem today is homosexuals try to live “normal lives” both in and outside of a heterosexual marriages.

Increasingly, men and women are struggling with sexual orientation.

They erroneously believe that homosexual behavior can bring intimacy.

They suffer emotional and social pain.

Dr. Rivest offers counseling to help men and women recognize and develop true intimacy.

Dr. Rivest, Ph.D., DST – Over 29 Years Counseling Experience:

  • Ph.D., Christian Counseling
  • Certified: Sex Therapy and Counseling
  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
  • Diplomate: National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists

A personal note:

I know that sexual concerns are embarrassing and difficult to talk about. Let me assure you that I will always respect you, your privacy. I will keep the information you share with me in the utmost confidence. You are important to me and I will do all that I can to make your counseling helpful, and brief.

Dr. Rivest